Your Data is Private

We value and respect our users' privacy above all else. Therefore, we have designed a three-pronged approach to ensure you feel comfortable knowing your data is private and confidential:

1. Secured Network: We have taken extensive measures to protect the site, both from the outside and within. Our security features only allow access to verified email addresses. See our privacy policy for more detail on our SSL certificates, cookies, and other technical data protection policies.

2. User De-Identification: We take your privacy incredibly seriously and therefore, no names are ever associated with companies, compensation, or satisfaction metrics on our site. In addition, we have removed any other identifiers (such as gender, past experience, etc.) that can link you as an individual to the information you provide.

3. Data Privacy Controls: For those who also choose to hide their compensation information, it will never be displayed on a company profile unless displayed in aggregate among multiple data points. This ensures that users can remain anonymous and never allow their data to be connected directly to them.

Again, we value our users' privacy above all else and are happy to answer any questions 24/7. Remember, this is your data and you own it - we will never compromise that!