Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my name ever be linked to the data I enter?

A. No! Privacy is of the utmost importance to TransparentMBA. Your name will never be connected to your data anywhere on the site.

2. What does "Keep Compensation Data Public" Mean?

A. When entering information, we also allow you to hide compensation data. If you select this option, your compensation data will be included when aggregated at a high level, but will not be shown on individual company dashboards unless a threshold level of data has been submitted for that company.

3. How Does the Profile Score Work?

A. Your profile score reflects how complete your profile is and dictates your access to different parts of TransparentMBA. Adding your education, work experience, job offers, and inviting friends increases your profile score. As your profile score increases you are able to unlock more and more of the site.

4. How much data should I enter?

A. More data is better! The more our users give, the more they get. Adding complete information for multiple jobs allows us to provide you with the most insights possible. Adding more data allows you to open additional functionality on the site as well, such as the ability to compare yourself to your peers.

5. How do I project bonus compensation?

A. Full bonus potential should be included. Variance does exist between projected and actual bonuses, but showing full earning potential for a position is important in comparing roles across industries, functions, etc. so estimate the upper end of the position’s bonus.

6. How do I enter compensation and bonus information if my first job is affected by a “stub” year?

A. Firstly, what is a “stub” year? Some industries elect to use “stub” salaries / bonuses for employees hired mid-year and subsequently increase compensations to “normal” full-time levels when the company’s bonus, promotion, etc. cycle hits. If your compensation package is affected by a stub year, please ignore this stub period and enter all information as though you were hired into the role at the increased (non-stub) package levels.

7. How can I contact TransparentMBA if I have questions?

A. Our team is ready to assist via email, contact