MBA Industry Guide: Startups

Startups This year more and more MBA grads are choosing startup firms over industry giants. While consulting jobs still attract many MBAs each year, the number of students with an interest in entrepreneurship is on the rise. Harvard reports that demand for entrepreneurship-related offerings ...


MBA Industry Guide: Venture Capital

Have you considered private equity or investment banking , but worry it won’t “scratch your entrepreneurial itch”? If you aren’t ready to start your own company just yet, working in venture capital may be the perfect way to combine your interests.


MBA Industry Guide: Consulting

Consulting is a consistently one of the hottest industries for MBAs. Each year over 1 in three students from top schools such a Columbia, MIT, INSEAD, and Northwestern accept positions in consulting. This is an industry of a few firms dominating the MBA hiring scene - for example, the ...


MBA Industry Guide: Investment Management & Hedge Funds

There are few industries as glamorized as investment management. TV shows and movies portray cutthroat competition, moral grey-zones, and the chance at fortune. While the salary for MBA graduates entering investment management positions can be quite high, these positions aren’t all about hot ...


MBA Industry Guide: Investment Banking

Investment banking has long been a coveted industry for emerging MBAs, but are the tides changing for these financial institutions? As interest in technology increases, MBA interest in investment banking is declining. The percent of MBA’s entering investment banking from schools such as Harvard and ...


MBA Industry Guide: Real Estate

Real Estate When is comes to the hottest industries for MBA graduates, real estate tends to fall lower on the list. Despite opportunity in the field, schools such as Northwestern and Columbia report that only between 2% and 4% of MBA graduates enter the industry . The flipside of these ...


Industry Guide: Consumer Products & Food, Beverage, Tobacco

The consumer products industry has long been a stalwart of the MBA hiring process. After all, what newly-minted MBA wouldn’t want to drive strategic initiatives for high-profile brands they can use themselves, can see on TV, or go touch on ...


Industry Guide: Healthcare

If you're an MBA interested in the Healthcare industry, read on. We analyzed our 250,000+ data points to show compensation, satisfaction, and work-life balance data for MBA companies in the Healthcare space.


Defining Your MBA Goals & Aspirations

When deciding which MBA programs to apply to, a solid, well-defined MBA goal should guide your admissions research and choice of target schools. details the 4 key functions and ways to goal-set before applying to an MBA program.


How much more could you make with an MBA?

How much more can you make with an MBA? And what careers could you switch into? TransparentMBA analyzed their 250,000+ data points to find out...